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Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Sites!

Rat Wheel! I'm employeed by the Mouse so “Hey,” thinks I “what can be more fun than makin’ a rat do tricks and getting’ points for doin' it!”

Do you have manual dexterity? Do you have time to waste? Well Ba-da-BING! Rat Wheel is there to whisk you from boredom, right into the arms of senselessness. Go for it... come on... you know you want to.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the music of the week...

Ambulance LTD. If you like… well... you know; I can’t put this Brooklyn four into any comparison group at the moment. They have a slightly soft, slightly progressive harmony of hip that floats just as well in the background office routine as it does on a five hour trip up the i5.

The progressive flavor finds a little comparison to Porcupine Tree while the popish contrast might discover a little Guster in the mix. I’m not directly comparing Ambulance LTD to either of these bands. I feel that they’ve developed a unique sound, all their own and it will keep its rotation for quite some time.

If Dick Clark asked me, I’d have to say that they’re catchy and have a real good beat… then again, weren’t all the groups on American Bandstand catchy with a good beat? Give it a listen and if you don’t like it I’ll post pictures of that time I was caught dancing with... never mind.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Highway, Part Two

Hate: I have seen its ugliness. I have lived its ugliness. I have torn from the inexorable shackles wrapped till bloods blackness spilt beneath the moons hallow breath of sorrow. I am not one who hates.

All right, so I haven’t really ever had handcuffs cut into me... well I haven’t really had handcuffs cut into me and make me bleed under the night moon but you can use that merry minuet as an analogy to feelings I have experienced so bugger off already and let me continue.

I have been forced, un-regrettably, to understand hatred and the ill-effects it waves. In the past ten years I have wade through its muck and misery and questioned the son of reason as to the meaning behind. Perhaps in pursuance of veiled peace I shrouded the path to which the answers would show.

God helps those who help themselves; although this statement is made of faith, the philosophy is well heed. Much as an alcoholic may not change until the disease is acknowledged, one must strive for betterment before it appears.

To break from hate, to minister sorrow, to help myself... I set a course for adventure, my mind on a new romance and cozied up to Captain Stubing. Now mind you – Isaac generates a much more appealing aura, plus he has a full head of hair and he’s pretty fly with the chicks but sometimes you just have to be the captain of your own ship (Gopher is cute but I really don’t want to hear cute, I want to hear ouch but that’s a different tale).

Many then, this is not a tale about me; it is a tale of my experiences that have brought ever expanding knowledge of those who embody hate. It is about those who may not comprehend, or those who refrain from the acknowledgement of anger.

Monday, July 31, 2006

the Movies...

Of the movies I watched this weekend, two took me by complete surprise. Although one had come with much recommendation, the other fell from my desire to watch foreign/art type films.

Pierce Brosnan in The MatadorThe Matador was film Saturday; número one. Highly praised by a close friend, I entered the experience with anticipation high. This thankfully, did not kill the moment. I’m going to keep this short; Pierce Brosnan completely dispels the vestige of 007’s shadow and presents a range that is absolutely phenomenal.

Greg Kinnear’s impressive portrayal of Bob Crane in ‘Auto Focus’ buried ‘Talk Soup’ memories and in Matador, we see his befitting backdrop to Brosnan’s humor as a disintegrating facilitator. This is two hours of your life that is worth committing to the couch.

Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteuil in CachéCaché was film Sunday; nombre two. Reminding myself to breathe was an often occurrence as Michael Haneke's directorial approach drew me into an odd sense of anticipation. Lengthy, static shots of nothing seemingly particular set the pace for psychological terrorism through the mere concept of being watched.

Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteuil give convincing performances as a couple pulled into interpersonal distrust, but it’s the films direction I found most appealing. At the risqué of revealing too much, the viewer is required to dissect elements within moments that appear overtly benign, ultimately to construct resolution from those extractions.

The pace, like many a French film is slow, but in this case, deliberately. This is two hours of your life that is worth the couch and quite a bit of discussion afterward.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hey Stuart!

I don't have any info... all the stuff I had no longer works!